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What is a Pulsed Laser Diode Driver? A pulsed driver for laser diodes is a constant current source which is designed to deliver a repeatable set of current pulses at a set output level over user defined time intervals. Their output to the laser is defined in units of amplitude and time. They typically deliver pulses in the range of 100's of picoseconds, nanoseconds and microseconds. They have repetition rates in the range the range of single shot to 500 MHz. They are designed to deliver a current output levels from hundreds of milliamps up to hundreds of amps. Some of the well know manufacturers include Alphanov, Analog Modules, PicoLAS and ILX Lightwave.

How do I Choose the Best Product? Choosing the best model for your application can be very time consuming. The fast pulse driver market for lasers is highly fragmented and controlled by a handful of companies. We put together a guide which will hopefully provide you with a basic understanding of the most important factors to consider when making your choice and a list of the top manufacturers of pulse drivers: How to Select a Pulsed Laser Diode Driver for your Application »