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2.5 A Pulsed Laser Diode Controller with Integrated TEC Controller

  • Model 762 OEM Pulsed Laser Diode Controller
  • 2.5 Laser Diode Pulse Performance
  • 2500mA Pulsed Laser Controller Dimensions

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Key Features
  • Pulsed Laser Diode Controller for Butterfly Seed Laser
  • On-Board Laser Diode Mounting
  • Output Current up to 2.5 A
  • On-Board Pulse Generator
  • Integrated TEC Controller

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Laser Diode Driver Specifications
  • Current: 0.1 - 2.5 Amps
  • Maximum Compliance Voltage: 2.5 Volts
  • Pulsewidth: 20 ns to CW
  • Repetition Rate: Single Shot to 10 MHz
  • Duty Cycle: 0 to 100%
  • Rise/Fall Time: 10 ns at 2 Amps
  • Protection: Adjustable current limit, Driver disabled when laser temperature exceeds temp window
TEC CONTROLLER specifications
  • TEC Current: 3 Amps
  • TEC Voltage: 4.2 Volts
  • TEC Power: 12 Watts
  • Heatsink Required for Laser Diode Waste Heat Dissipation
General Specifications
  • Input Voltage: Refer to Datasheet
  • Power Input Connector: 3 pin Terminal Block (Molex 0393570003)
  • Back Facet Connector: Micro Coax Connector (Amphenol 908-24100)
  • Control Interface Connectors: 8 & 14 Pin AMP MicroMatch Connectors (7-215460-8 & 8-215460-4)

Product Overview:

2.5 A Seed Laser Diode Controller

This Analog Modules Seed Laser Diode Driver offers up to 2.5 Amps of laser current, 20 nanosecond pulses to CW, and 12 Watts of temperature control.

Key applications include materials processing, LIDAR systems for remote sensing, laser communication and range finding. The driver circuitry operates from a single +5 VDC power source. Additional voltages are generated on the board by high efficiency switching power supplies.

The compliance voltage is rated to 2.5V, and the output current is up to 2.5 Amps. The laser power input may be operated down to +3V to conserve power at the expense of switching speed. Input laser power may also be increased up to +12V to enhance switching speed for high inductance lasers. Users can choose between digital or analog control.

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