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High Power Driver for Laser Diodes; up to 10 Amps and 40 Volts

$440.00   Ships: IN STOCK | Model SF6040

Key Features
  • ULTRA-COMPACT: 37mm x 58mm x 21mm
  • High Compliance Voltage Range for Multi-Emitters and Laser Diodes Connected in Series
  • Soft-Start Current Ramp Protection
  • Analog Control Signal Connector, RS-232 / UART Connector and Manual Trim Potentiometer Controls
  • NTC Thermistor Input with Fast Shut-Down Circuit to Protect Laser from Over Heating
  • Very High Efficiency up to 95%
  • Discounted Volume Pricing Available (Request)
  • Manufactured by Maiman, Fulfilled by Laser Diode Control

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PRICE $440.00
laser diode CURRENT & VOLTAGE
  • Output Current Range (I): 0 ~ 10 Аmps
  • Output Voltage (V): 5 ~ 40 Volts
  • Current Set-Point Step Size: 0.01 Amps
  • Rise Time: (Iout = 5A) min - 60μs; max - 100μs
  • Rise Time: (Iout = 10A) min - 60μs; max - 100μs
  • Fall Time: min - 20μs; max - 80μs
  • Current Stability: <0.2 %
  • Current Setpoint Absolute Accuracy: <1 %
Laser Diode Protection
  • Soft-Start Ramp to Current Setpoint
  • User Adjustable Current Limit
  • Over-Current Protection Fast Shutdown
  • Over-Temperature Thermal Warning and Shutdown
  • Reverse Current Protection
  • Crowbar Circuit Protection
  • Disable Input
  • Interlock
  • Dimensions: 37 mm x 58 mm x 21 mm
  • Analog Control Signal Connector
  • RS232/UART Digital Interface
  • Enable / Disable Input Signal Input
  • User Adjustable Trim Potentiometer Current Limit
  • USB Optional: $25.00 (Option UART-USB)
driver INPUT
  • Input Voltage Range (Vin): 12V to 55V

Product Overview:

These precision driver modules offer up to 10 amps of bias current and up to 40 volts to your laser diode. These small footprint drivers were designed to power the latest generation of high power multi-single emitter pumps in the near infrared range. They are used in laser systems to bias lasers in series and pumps that are based on multiple single emitter designs. These model SF6040 drivers are designed for demanding system integration applications which require the highest levels of reliability. They also offer a very affordable choice for laboratory research applications. The SF6040 model has been updated with an integrated NTC thermistor monitor circuit to provide fast shut-down of the output current to the laser if a maximum temperature limit is reached. They also offer an improved 0.01 amp set-point resolution for precise control of the output current.

Multiple Control Interfaces:
The model SF6040 offers the user multiple interface methods to set and measure the modules parameters. For simple, fast start-up, the module has trim potentiometers which the user can access on top of the control board. This manual mode of control is typically used to make sure the driver is functioning properly prior to connecting the laser. For complete control of all parameters, the user has the choice of using an analog control signal connector or a digital interface. The 8 pin RS23 / UART digital interface and the 14 pin analog control connector are both described in detail in the attached brochure.

Industry Leading Protection for High Power Devices:
These drivers provide many protection features for high compliance voltage devices and laser diodes connected in series. They offer a user-set current limit, an over-temperature protection circuit, protection against forward and reverse current transients and crowbar circuit protection. The crowbar circuit shorts the output during an over-current shutdown or over-temperature shutdown sequence. A reverse diode protects the laser diode from reverse current surges. These integrated protection features allow the SF6040 to safely drive non-linear loads such as laser diodes and LEDs. These current sources offer an analog voltage control input as well as RS232 digital interface.

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