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Advanced Thermal Design Dissipates up to 50 Watts of Heat; High Performance LASER DIODE Mount & Heat Sink Assembly

  • Butterfly laser diode mounting socket
  • Two channel laser diode mount
  • Thermal performance of high power laser diode heat sink
  • laser diode heat sink dimensions

sku / item#: DBC-050A / LASER-DIODE-HEAT-SINK
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Key Features
  • Includes Two BA-02 Universal Butterfly Laser Diode Mounting Sockets
  • Includes Two TE Coolers for Case Temperature Control
  • Optimized for Two High Power Butterfly Packaged Pumps (976nm / 808nm / 980nm)
  • Low Thermal Resistance, High Heat Pump Capacity
  • Custom Mounting Plates Available on Request

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PRICE $649.00
  • Cold Plate Temperature Regulated by TE Coolers
  • Includes Two Universal Butterfly Laser Diode Mounting Sockets
  • Thermal Resistance: TEC to Ambient 0.22ºC/W
  • Typical Temperature Uniformity: <0.5ºC Across Mounting Plate
  • TEC Max Rating: 150ºC
  • Heat Load (Qmax) Maximum: 50 Watts
  • Anodized Aluminum Mounting Plate
Butterfly Laser Diode Mounting Socket
  • Includes Two BA-02 Butterfly Laser Diode Mounting Sockets
  • Laser Package Pin Connections Fully Configurable for Any Pin-Out
  • Zero-Insertion Force Socket, No Soldering Required
  • Plastic Clamp Ensures Positive Thermal Contact to Cooling Plate
  • For Optimum Temperature Accuracy, the Butterfly Package Sits Directly over the Thermistor Installed in the Cold Plate
  • Fan/TEC Connection: 6 Pin Screw Terminal Block
  • Connections: TEC x 2, Fan x 1
  • On-Board Configurable Connector: SAMTEC IPL-1-110-02-S-D
  • Mating Connector SAMTEC IPD1-10-D-K (from laser diode driver cable)
  • TEC Ratings (max): 4.2 Amps, 24 Volts Per TEC
  • Fan Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Fan Operating Voltage Range: 5.5-13.8 VDC
  • Fan Rated Current: 1.6 A
  • Fan Input Power: 9.9 W

Product Overview:

50W Fan Cooled Laser Diode Heat Sink
with Two Butterfly Laser Diode Mounting Sockets

This versatile laser diode thermoelectric heat sink and cooling module has been optimized for high power butterfly packages, and includes two BA-02 universal butterfly laser diode mounting sockets.

Two embedded high efficiency TEC's and a fan provide high temperature stability and precise temperature control. The normal air flow direction is pushing air thru the heat sink, but the fan is configurable to allow a user to change the direction of the air flow by turning the fan around. This allows the user to optimize the performance for the ambient air flow conditions in the lab.

Cold Plate pre-Drilled for the Universal Butterfly Laser Diode Mount Integration

The mounting plate is pre-drilled to match the two included BA-02 Universal Butterfly Laser Diode Mounts . The BA-02 mount offers complete pin-configuration flexibility, zero-insertion force connections, and solid thermal interface to the mounting plate; the BA-01 is pre-wired for high power pump laser diodes.

Heat Sink Cooling Design Details

The mounting base for the laser diode is temperature controlled by Peltier / TEC coolers. The thermistor for mount temperature regulation is embedded in the aluminum cold-plate directly beneath the butterfly laser mount located near the fan.

The maximum current for the TE cooler is 4.2 amps, with a maximum voltage of 24 volts DC at room temperature (the current and voltage required for the TE cooler increase as the ambient temperature increases in the lab). The user should not exceed the maximum specified current of the TECs; exceeding the maximum power ratings will reduce the performance of the TE cooler and reduce its reliability.

Tuning the TEC Drive Current

Users are advised to manually adjust the current to the TEC after attaching the diode to the top plate. This will allow the user to identify the optimum current and set the current limit on the TEC controller appropriately. All of the Peltier modules used are environmentally sealed to allow operation below dew points. The cold plate is made of anodized aluminum alloy.

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