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Universal 14-Pin Butterfly Packaged Laser Diode Mounting Kit; Works with all Butterfly Packaged Laser Diodes

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  • butterfly package laser diode mount
  • laser diode mount for butterfly package
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ships: In-Stock (USA) -- Quantity Available: 2

Key Features
  • Works with all 14-Pin and 10-Pin Butterfly Packaged Laser Diodes; Fully Configurable for all Pin Types
  • Spring-Loaded Zero Insertion Force PCB Pads for Butterfly Package Leads; Plastic Clamping Bracket Ensures Solid Electrical Contact
  • Bolts to Customer Supplied Mounting Surface -- Compatible Heat Sink Assembly Available (Request info)
  • Rated for Laser Diode Bias Current up to 4 Amps

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PRICE $169.00
  • Laser Diode Anode and Cathode Current Rating (limit): 4 Amps
  • Laser Diode Pin Configuration: Customer Set through PCB Header Connector
  • TEC Current Rating (limit): 6 Amps
  • PCB Kit Dimensions: 40mm x 50mm
  • Mounting Screws: Included
  • Plastic Clamping Adapter Bracket: Included
  • Heat Sink Base: Customer Supplied
Included in Shipping Kit
  • Butterfly packaged laser mounting PCB with universal header connector
  • Plastic clamping bracket
  • All required screws for securing PCB and plastic mounting bracket to heat sink
  • Form-cut (to PCB footprint) thermal interface pad to ensure good thermal contact to heat sink and provide electrical isolation

Product Overview:

Butterfly Packaged Laser Diode Mounting Kit Overview

This affordable butterfly laser diode mounting kit provides two rows of zero insertion force PCB headers that can be configured for any laser pin pattern. The contacts of the headers are spring loaded for maintaining uniform electrical contact. When compressed by the supplied clamping bracket, the height of the contacts matches the height of butterfly pins, thereby causing no stress to the pins of the butterfly while maintaining robust electrical contact and good thermal contact to your heatsink. A plastic clamping bracket and all required screws are included to compress the pins against the contacts of the connectors.

This mounting kit was developed for laser diodes in 14 or 10 pin butterfly packages. It is rated for current levels up to 4 amps. It is designed to have the bottom plane of the PCB co-planar with the base of the butterfly package. This provides the user a simple path to mount the butterfly package to a flat heat sink surface without inducing any mechanical stress on the laser package.

Available with TEC / Peltier Cooled Heat Sink

The BA02 / BUTTERFLY-LASER-DIODE-MOUNT is also available installed onto a Peltier cooled heat sink assembly. This offers case temperature control of the laser diode and is a great choices for pump lasers which are delivering >1W of laser output power. Please see the product link under "Customers Also Considered" to the right.

Pre-Set Type-1 Pump Configuration Available

In addition to the BA-02 (configurable to all pin configurations) ~ an additional pre-configured model is available. The BA-01 model is pre-wired for Type-1 pin configured laser diodes. Refer to the data sheet for details on pin configurations, dimensions, etc.

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