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Low-Noise Quantum Cascade Laser Driver

sku / item#: QCL2KOEM
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Key Features
  • Up to 2.0 Amp QCL current
  • Low noise: < 1.3 µA RMS
  • Ideal for precision chemical sensors
  • Compliance voltage up to 20 Volts
  • Onboard setpoint and limit controls
  • Remote Power On, Enable, Setpoint

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PRICE $2093.00
  • Current ranges up to 2 A
  • Compliance voltage: 16 V (standard); up to 20 V with factory modification
  • Long-term current stability at ambient 25°C: typically 10 ppm
  • Temperature coefficient: typically 10 ppm
  • RMS noise 1 Hz to 100 kHz: typically 1.3 µA
  • Average current noise density: 4 nA / √Hz
  • Adjustable soft-clamping current limit
  • Brown-out, reverse-voltage, & over-voltageprotection
  • Driver over-temperature protection circuit
  • Relay shorts output when current is disabled
  • Remote detection of explosive materials
  • Medical diagnosis using the breath
  • Non-invasive glucose testing
  • Emissions monitoring of the atmosphere or marine environments
  • Pharmaceutical process quality control
  • Anesthesia and hospital air quality monitoring
  • Leak detection
  • Remote imaging
  • Cavity ring-down spectroscopy

Product Overview:

2 Amp Ultra-Low Noise QCL Laser Driver

The QCL Series of Quantum Cascade Laser Drivers are very low noise current sources. Powering your QCL with this patented driver will enable better performance, at lower cost and in less time, than otherwise possible. The 500 mA QCL laser driver demonstrates noise performance of 0.5 µA RMS to 100 kHz, and an average current noise density of 1.5 nA / √Hz, the lowest available on the market today.

Quantum cascade lasers are used in industrial exhaust sensing, medical diagnostic breath analyzers, safe-distance explosives detectors and also light sources for infrared imaging systems. This driver is well-suited to applications that requires fast measurement times and ultra high sensitivity. Possibly the most important application for QCLs is in gas sensing and measurement.

Although the QCL driver is designed to deliver extremely low noise drive current to the quantum cascade laser, other factors must also be considered for optimum system performance. One of the most relevant components affecting noise performance is the power supply used to power the QCL driver. Proper grounding technique is also critical. Always ensure there are no ground loops within the system. Grounding the chassis of the QCL driver will help reduce 50/60 Hz noise.

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