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Low Cost Laser Diode Power Supply, 7.5 Amps

sku / item#: MPL-7500
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Key Features
  • Laser Diode Current Output up to 7.5 Amps
  • Single Input Power Supply Operation: +12V to +15V
  • Slow Start Circuitry
  • Output Power Stability: < 0.02% typical (24 hours)
  • Set-point and Current Limit are User Adjustable
  • Low Profile Packaging

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PRICE $469.00
  • Laser Diode Output Current Range: 0 - 7.5 Amps
  • Input: +12 to +15 VDC (+15.5 MAX)
  • Laser Diode Compliance Voltage: >6 V
  • Temperature Coeficient: <100ppm/°C
  • Short Term Stability: <30 ppm
  • Long Term Stability (24 hrs): <75ppm
  • Noise and Ripple (rms): < 20 µA
  • Current Limit Range: 0 - 7.5 Amps
  • Power Up Trip Point: 10.5 V
  • Power Down Trip Point: 9.5 V
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 90 Watts
  • Weight: <0.5lbs
  • Size: 3.55 x 5.5 x 1 inches

Product Overview:

The "MP" series of Laser Diode Drivers and TE Temperature Controllers offers high performance while operating from a single output DC supply. It uses a single 15 pin D-sub connector for inputs and outputs, enhancing the reliability of the interface with your laser diode or TE module.

The MPL laser diode driver provides excellent stability during constant current, constant power, or modulated operation of your laser diode. Front panel 12-turn trimpots allow precise control of setpoint and limit current. The independent current limit offers an additional level of protection for your laser diode.

The MPL series has an internal control circuitry that turns the output on and off depending on the voltage at V+. When the voltage reaches the power up trip point, the module soft starts the laser diode. When the voltage reaches the power down trip point, the module shunts current around the laser diode, powering it down in a controlled fashion.

Optional accessories available for system development includes:
CKL-103 A Connector Kit includes the appropriate 15 pin D-sub connector, hood and hardware.
CAL-104 A Cable Kit includes one meter of cable soldered to a mating connector on one end and unterminated on the other.

The control electronics are designed for low noise operation. The power supply you select will directly affect the noise performance of the driver. Use only regulated linear supplies for optimum performance.

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