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ILX Lightwave LDC-3724B Laser Diode Controller / Certified Used / Fully Tested / 30-Day Inspection w/Refund Return

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sku / item#: LDC-3724B
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Key Features
  • 500mA Dual Laser Diode Current Range with 32 watt TEC controller
  • Device Condition: Certified Pre-Owned, In Excellent Condition, 3 Month Full Warranty

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PRICE $1925.00
Key Specifications
  • Laser Diode Current Output: 200mA / 500 mA Dual Ranges
  • Compliance Voltage: 10 Volts
  • TEC Current Range: +/- 4.00 Amps
  • TEC Voltage Range: +/- 10.00 Volts
  • Temperature Coefficient: <50 ppm
  • Temperature Range–100°C to 199°C
  • Computer Interface: GPIB
  • Power Requirement: 120 VAC
  • Laser Current Resolution: 10 µA
  • Laser Current Accuracy: ±0.05%

Product Overview:

ILX Lightwave LDC-3724B:

The LDC-3724B from ILX Lightwave is a high stability, precision laser diode controller. Multiple layers of laser diode protection ensure that your device is protected and a very stable temperature control loop provides fast and efficient heat management for the laser diode under test. The LDC-3724B is designed for low and medium power semiconductor lasers. They offer precision current and temperature control, and the user can choose from a dual range current source of either 200 mA or 500 mA output to the laser under test. These ILX LDC-3724B series controller have a 32W TEC controller. Independent power supplies for both the current output to the laser and the current output to the TEC loop provide clean and highly isolated power to protect the LD. ILX Lightwave’s well known laser diode protection circuits include slow start current ramp and adjustable current limit / voltage limit as well as power surge and brown out protection. An fast setting front panel interface and GPIB interface make these units simple to set up and use.

The LDC-3724B series laser diode controller is a high performance controller designed specifically for semiconductor lasers. These units are microprocessor based benchtop instruments that are know throughout the industry for their stability and their low noise performance.

LDC-3724B Specifications:

- 500mA High Stability Current Source
- 32 Watt TEC Controller
- Output Current Range: 0 - 500 mA
- Compliance Voltage (max): 10V
- Current Setpoint Resolution: < 2 uA
- Current Setpoint Accuracy: +/- 0.05 %
- Current Stability (24 hour): < 40 ppm / °C
- Current Limit Range: 0 - full scale
- Voltage Measurement Accuracy: +/- 2.5%
- TEC Output Current: -4 Amps to +4 Amps
- TEC Output Voltage (max)
- Maximum TEC Output Power: 32W
- Temperature Setpoint Resolution: 0.1 °C
- TEC Current Limit Range: 0 to 4 Amps
- PD Measurement Range: 5 to 5000 uA
- PD Setpoint Accuracy: +/- 0.05 %
- Bandwidth (3 dB): DC to 1MHz
- Input Range: 0 to 10V
- Input Impedance: 10 K ohm

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