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High Current OEM Laser Diode Driver / Power Supply

sku / item#: PLD10000
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Key Features
  • 10 Amp Output
  • Slow Start Laser Diode Protection
  • Constant Current or Constant Power Mode
  • Active Current Limit
  • Mechanical Relay Protection
  • Remote enable / disable pin

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PRICE $429.00
  • Output Current Range: 0 - 10 AMPS
  • Compliance Voltage: 2.5 V max with 5 VDC power supply voltage
  • Compliance Voltage: 27.5 V max with 30 VDC power supply voltage
  • Short Term Stability (1 hour): < 200 ppm
  • Photodiode Feedback Range: 15 to 5,000 μA
  • Modulation Rise / Fall Time: 7 μS
  • Slow-Start Circuitry
  • Active Current Limit
  • Over-Temp Feedback Shut Down
  • Remote Shut-Off
  • Onboard setpoint and limit trimpots
  • Constant Current (CC) or Constant Power Mode (monitor PD feedback)

Product Overview:

These high performance, low cost laser diode current power supplies can be used as a low cost laboratory laser diode driver for high power devices, or as an OEM controller for product integration. The PLD series driver module delivers precision, stability and laser diode protection at a very affordable price. These current sources are well suited for controlling medium to high power multi-mode pump lasers and high power 1.31 to 1.55 micron devices. Slow start ramping circuitry protects your laser diode from current / voltage overshoots, and user set current limits offer additional protection. The unit is a DIP PCB mounted package. The compact heatsink and fan are integrated to optimize thermal performance with the smallest possible footprint. The unit supports both ACC (constant current) or APC (monitor PD feedback controlled) modes of operation.

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