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Temperature Control Module from Wavelength Electronics

  • Temperature Control Module from Wavelength Electronics
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Key Features
  • Drive ±10 A of TEC or RH current
  • Single supply operation: +5 V to +30 V
  • Small package: 3.0 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches
  • Remote enable input
  • Linear Stability: 0.0012°C
  • Selectable sensor bias current
  • Adjustable current limit
  • PI control with Smart Integrator
  • Master/Booster mode for higher current
  • Failsafe Setpoint default for D/A

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PRICE $429.00
  • TEC Output Current Range: 0 to ±10 Amp
  • Voltage (max): up to 30 V
  • Short Term Stability: ±0.0012°C
  • User Set Current Limit
  • Remote Shut-Off
  • Default to Factory Safe Temp.
  • Single supply operation: +5 to +30 V
  • Remote enable input
  • Selectable sensor bias current
  • PI Control with
  • Failsafe Setpoint default for D/A
  • Small package: 3.0 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches

Product Overview:

The Wavelength Electronics bipolar Peltier / TEC temperature control modules deliver up to ±10 Amps of high stability current to TE cooling elements and resistive heaters. These modules achieve millidegree stability levels to keep your laser's frequency locked, and provide user set limits to protect your laser from thermal damage. A fast control loop delivers millidegree stability as high as ±0.0012°C and fast settling times.

An on-board trimpot is used to set the output current limit to prevent over-driving the TEC, and helps protect your load from thermal runaway. Proportional gain is easily adjusted with an on-board trimpot. When used with Wavelength's laser diode drivers, such as the PLD Series, these temperature controllers provide stable and reliable performance in the laboratory or in an OEM product integration environment.

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