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Integrated 1.5 Amp Laser Diode Control Electronics & Butterfly Package Mount Module; Pre-Configured for "Type-1" Butterfly Pin Configuration

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sku / item#: CCS-CW-HP / Control and Mount Module
ships: In-Stock (USA) -- Quantity Available: 1

Key Features
  • Integrated 1500 mA Current Source + TEC Controller + Butterfly Mount
  • Preconfigured for Type-1 Butterfly Laser Pinout
  • Low Noise < 0.03 % Current Range Full Scale
  • USB Interface - Includes Graphical User Interface Software, Software Suite and DLL Library
  • Offered by AeroDIODE a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeControl.com, part of the
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MODEL CCS-CW-HP / Control and Mount Module
PRICE $1745.00
  • Output Current: 0.00 mA - 1500.00 mA
  • Output Compliance Voltage Maximum: 4.8 Volts
  • Current Noise & Ripple: < 0.03 % of full scale current range
  • Current Set-Point Resolution (ie @ 200 mA): 0.05mA
  • Current Stability (24 hr): 15 ppm
  • TEC Current: ± 3 A
  • TEC Voltage: 4.6V
  • TEC Control Loop Type: PID
  • Temperature Control Accuracy (min.) : 0.01°C
  • Temperature Set-Point Resolution: < 0.1 °C
  • Butterfly Mount: Zero Insertion Force Mounting Socket with Clamping Arms
  • Butterfly Mount: Low Thermal Resistance Anodized Aluminum Butterfly Mount Base Plate
  • Butterfly Mount: Standard Pre-Configured Pin Wiring for Type 1 Pin Settings
  • Butterfly Mount: All Pin Configurations Available (request)
Laser Diode Protection
  • User Set Current Limit
  • User Set Temperature Limit
  • Safety Interlock
  • Soft-Start Ramp to Current Set-Point
  • Transient and ESD Surge Clamp
  • Closed Short Circuit (when laser OFF)
user INTERFACE, Modulation and power input
  • PC Interface: USB with GUI and Control Software
  • Analog Voltage Control Input: 0 to 5V (DC to Full Scale Laser Bias Current)
  • Side Panel Manual Control Adjustment Knob
DIMENSIONS and Included Parts
  • Dimensions: 130mm (W) 110mm (L) 37mm (H)
  • Weight: < 0.5 kgs
  • Power Supply: +12VDC Power Supply Included
  • USB Cable: Micro-Connector to Standard PC USB Connector Included
Pin Configuration Model Numbers
  • CCS-CW-T1 (type 1 pin configuration)
  • CCS-CW-T2 (type 2 pin configuration - current range limited to 800mA)

Product Overview:

Laser Diode Controller with Integrated Butterfly Mount:

These fully integrated laser diode controller and mounting modules for butterfly packaged pump lasers are designed for cost effective precision control of semiconductor lasers in research labs. These controllers provide a 1,500 mA laser diode current source and a high efficiency 12 watt TEC controller. They include an integrated butterfly mount. The mounting plate for the laser has a high surface flatness and finish to provide a low thermal impedance between the package at the heat sink base. The standard pin configuration is the "Type 1" package style. "Type 2" and other package configurations are available on request. Please note that the Type-2 model is limited to 800mA current range.

Integrated Laser Diode Protection Features:

The integrated laser diode protection circuits protect your device under test at all times. A user set current limit and user set temperature limit clamp both the bias current and the operating temperature to prevent damage to the laser. A soft-start current ramp to the user defined current set-point protects the laser from the possibility of thermal shock or current surges. Also, the integration of the mounting socket directly with the current source eliminates the need for cables and connectors from the current path. This greatly reduces the likelihood of ESD damage to the laser which can occur from plugging and unplugging cables. Set-point and limits are set using a simple one screen graphical user interface which is opened when you connect your PC to the USB interface. The GUI control software is included with the purchase price and offers users simple set-up and control.

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