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14-Pin Butterfly Packaged Laser Diode Mount; Ships Pre-Wired for Your Specific Laser Diode Pin Configuration

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sku / item#: LDM-BUTTERFLY-X
ships: 10 to 14 days

Key Features
  • No Jumper Wires to Set; Simply Choose the Correct Model & it Ships Pre-Configured for Your Laser Diode
  • Optional Graphite Thermal Mounting Pad for Maximum Temperature Stability
  • Option for Additional Peltier Cooler to Control the Butterfly External Case Temperature
  • Thermal Resistance R (th) < 1.2 C/W
  • Ultra-Compact 60mm x 64mm x 53mm

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PRICE $645.00
general Specifications
  • Package Style: 14 Pin Butterfly (see pin configuration options below)
  • Maximum Laser Diode Bias Current: 4 Amps
  • Maximum TEC Current: 5 Amps
  • Graphite Thermal Pad Thickness: 70 μm
  • Flex-PCB Mounting Pin Material: Gold
  • Qmax (with case temperature control option): 10 Watts
  • Laser Diode Driver & TEC Interface Connector: 15 Pin d-Sub
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 64mm x 53mm
Pin Configuration Model LDM-BUTTERFLY-0 (most common)
  • Laser Diode Anode: Pins 9,10
  • Laser Diode Cathode: Pins 11,12
  • TE Cooler (+): Pin 1
  • TE Cooler (-): Pin 14
  • 10K Thermistor: Pins 2,5
  • Refer to Pin Configuration Image Above
Pin Configuration Model LDM-BUTTERFLY-1
  • Laser Diode Anode: Pins 11,13
  • Laser Diode Cathode: Pins 3,12
  • TE Cooler (+): Pin 1,6
  • TE Cooler (-): Pin 7
  • 10K Thermistor: Pin 2
  • Refer to Pin Configuration Image Above
Pin Configuration Model LDM-BUTTERFLY-2
  • Laser Diode Anode: Pin 10
  • Laser Diode Cathode: Pin 11
  • TE Cooler (+): Pin 1
  • TE Cooler (-): Pin 14
  • 10K Thermistor: Pins 2,5
  • Refer to Pin Configuration Image Above
  • Laser Diode Anode: Pin 10
  • Laser Diode Cathode: Pin 11
  • PD (-): 8
  • PD (+): 9
  • Refer to Pin Configuration Image Above
Case Temperature Control Option (CASE-COOLER)
  • Includes Additional Peltier Cooler Embedded Under Laser Diode Mounting Pad
  • Includes Micro-Fan Heat Removal from Mount Base
  • Micro-Fan Requires 12 VDC (85mA)
  • Qmax with CASE-COOLER = 10 Watts
  • TEC Current Max is 5 Amps
  • Order Code: CASE-COOLER
  • Order Code Example: LDM-BUTTERFLY-0-CASE-COOLER

Product Overview:

Butterfly Packaged Laser Diode Mount

The model LDM-BUTTERFLY-X is a butterfly laser diode mount which ships fully pre-configured for your 14-pin packaged laser diode. There are models available to accommodate butterfly packages from all laser diode manufacturers. They offer uniform heat dissipation and very high thermal stability, making them an excellent choice for spectroscopy or telecom testing applications. This compact butterfly mount can also be TEC controlled from an optional integrated Peltier cooler. This case temperature control option allows the case of the package to be controlled in parallel with the internal chip cooler. These mounts also offer a graphite thermal pad, "mounting pad", which quickly and uniformly transfers waste heat away from the butterfly package to keep the temperature stable at your desired set-point.

Laser Diode Mount Design Features

The LDM-BUTTERFLY-X utilizes polymer clamp lever arms to press the pins of the butterfly package into the zero insertion force pin sockets. This proprietary design allows the user to quickly install and remove the butterfly packaged laser diode without worrying about ESD. The PCB base has gold traces for the 14 pins of the butterfly and the flexure of the PCB reduces the lead bending which occurs with azimuth socket based mounts.

In addition to laser diode anode and cathode electrical connections, the LDM-BUTTERFLY offers pinned connections to the internal Peltier / TEC cooling element, the thermistor and the monitor photodiode connections which are common to 14-pin butterflies. The internal TE cooler is typically controlled by the feedback from the laser diode’s internal 10 kOhm thermistor.

Key Applications and Configurations

The LDM-BUTTERFLY-X is used to mount and thermally stabilize laser diodes used in tunable diode laser spectroscopy. For spectroscopy applications, many users choose the optional high stability case temperature control model. This model offers active temperature control of the case through the additional embedded TEC. These mounts are also used extensively for mounting fiber laser pumps and pumps in other solid state lasers. For pump applications, the user typically chooses the passively cooled model which relies on the internal TEC / Peltier cooler for thermal stabilization.

Single 15-Pin D-SUB Electrical Connector

These mounts offer a simple connection point to the laser driver and temperature controller. A single 15-pin D-SUB connector offers the user access to all of the butterfly pins.

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