750 mA Laser Diode Controller with 16 Watt TEC Controller, Compact OEM Module

  • 750nm laser diode controller module
  • SF8075-NM Laser Diode Driver System Configuration
  • 750ma laser diode controller connections
  • GUI software for laser diode controller
  • laser diode controller dc power supply
  • 750nm Laser Diode Driver Mechanical Drawing

sku / item#: SF8075-NM
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Key Features
  • 750 mA Current Source plus 16 Watt TEC Controller
  • Integrated full PID Temperature Controller, No Set-Up Required
  • Full Laser Diode Protection: Soft-Start Current Ramp, Current Limit, Temperature Limit
  • User Adjustable Limits
  • Ultra-Small 61mm x 58 mm Footprint
  • Free Control Software with GUI
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PRICE $473.00
  • Output current LD (I): 0 - 750 mА
  • Output voltage LD (V): 0.5 - 3 V
  • Current stability: 0.1 %
  • Current set accuracy: 1 %
  • Output current noise: 10 - 15 µA
  • Current Ripple: ≤ 10 µA
  • ТЕС output current: ± 4 Аmps
  • TEC output voltage: ± 4 Volts
  • TEC output current ripple: 2 - 4 mА
  • Temperature Control Range: +15°C to +40°C
  • TEC Feedback Sensor: 10 kΩ NTC
  • Current limit
  • Temperature limit
  • Reverse current protection
  • ESD and transient protection
  • Soft-start laser diode current ramp
  • Dimensions 57.9 x 61 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 115 g
  • Trim Potentiometers for Driver Current and TEC Power
  • Analog
  • RS-232 / UART/ USB
  • Input voltage range (Vin): 5 V
  • Recommended Linear / Switching Power Supply Options:
  • Condor HC5-6-OV-A+G Linear Power Supply
    for better low-noise performance, narrow DFB laser line width
  • Mean Well LRS-35-5, Switching Power Supply
    more economical; ideal for pump lasers
  • Driver – 1 pcs
  • 50 cm ribbon cable with one 8-pin connector – 1 pcs
  • 50 cm ribbon cable with one 20-pin connector – 1 pcs
  • Datasheet & User Manual – 1 pcs
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
Options and Accessories
  • USB Adapter: Part Number CL1 ~ price $35.00

Product Overview:

Precision 750 mA Current Source with 16 Watt TEC Controller / Compact OEM Module

This 750 mА low noise laser diode controller is designed to provide precise drive current and temperature control of laser diodes with built-in thermoelectric coolers.. These super compact controllers are an excellent choice for product integration or for an affordable solution to laboratory test set-ups. These controller modules are also available with an integrated butterfly laser diode package mount.

Small Footprint Laser Diode Controller

These OEM modules are the smallest footprint controller commercially available. Careful selection of components and and precision design criteria allows these controllers to provide complete control of your pump laser in a 61mm x 58mm package.

Multiple Integrated Laser Diode Protection Features

These controllers are designed to provide a series of protection features to ensure the safety of your laser diode. The module ships with a jumper which shunts the LD bias current path to protect the laser diode from any ESD / static discharges when the user is installing the diode into the mounting socket. This shunt also protects the laser when the user is connecting the DC power, the control connector, or any other external equipment. An integrated reverse-bias diode protects the laser diode from any possibility of damage from reverse current and reverse voltage. The user can set a current limit and temperature limit through the analog control connector port on through the on-board trim potentiometers. These controllers also offer a ~ 900 millisecond soft-start ramp to the current set point to avoid the potential for thermal shock to the laser.

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