Sacher LaserTechnik PilotPC Series Low Noise Laser Diode Controller

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Laser Diode Driver / Current Source
  • Output Current Range: 0 - 4,000mA
  • Current Setpoint Resolution: 0.1mA
  • Current Setpoint Accuracy: ±0.1%
  • Noise (10Hz to 10MHz): < 1μA (see attached Noise Density image)
  • Compliance Voltage: 0 - 7V
Temperature Controller / TEC Controller
  • Output Type: Bipolar Constant Current Source
  • Compliance Voltage Range: 0 to 8V
  • Output Current Range: -3A to 3A
  • Maximum Power: 32 Watts
Laser Diode Protection
  • Exclusive clamping current limits
  • Output shorting circuits
  • slow-start turn-on
  • Power-line transient suppression with AC line filters
Temperature Sensor Information
  • Temperature Sensor Thermistor: NTC (ie 10K NTC)
  • IC Temp Sensor: AD590
  • Temperature Control Range: -5°C to 30°C
  • Setpoint Resolution: 0.1°C (-5°C to 30°C)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 270 x 110 x 320 mm
  • Weight: < 5kg
  • Line Voltage: 110V / 115V / 230V +/- 10%
  • Line Frequency: 50 .. 60Hz
  • Warm-Up Time 10min
  • Storage Conditions -25 .. 70°C
  • Operating Temperature 0 .. 40°C

Product Overview:

These laser diode controllers from from Sacher LaserTechnik offer high power and high stability drive current with an 3 Amp, 8 Volt TEC controller. Theses drivers are managed by a 16 Bit u-controller with internal flash memory. The output power stage is linear (not switch mode power supply) so the output drive current is much higher stability and lower noise than competing products. In addition to a fully featured front panel interface, these units are offered with GPIB, USB and RS-232 for PC control.

These controllers lead the industry with protection features, including soft-start, current limits and clamping, over-temperature auto shut-down and an audible alarm to alert the user if the laser diode under test has entered a fault condition.

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