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250mA Laser Diode Controller, OEM Module

sku / item#: RLS / C158
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Key Features
  • 250mA Laser Drive Current; Constant Current Mode Control
  • High Stability, Now Noise
  • On-Board Controls and Inputs for Remote Controls
  • Compact Form, Stand-Alone Operation
  • Offered by RedWave Labs Ltd, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeControl.com, part of the Laser Lab Source Marketplace Group

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PRICE $1085.00
Laser Driver Specifications
  • Output Current*: 250 mA
  • Control Mode: Constant Current Mode Only
  • Compliance Voltage: 4 V
  • Noise (RMS): < 2µA
  • Drift: < 20 µA
  • Temperature Coefficient: 50 ppm/ºC
  • Setting Accuracy: 2 % fs
  • Laser External Modulation Control: 0 to 10 V
  • Input Impedance: 10k Ω
  • Modulation Coefficient: 20 mA / V
  • 3dB Bandwidth: DC - 250 kHz
  • TTL Modulation, Rise / Fall-Time: 250 ns
  • Refer to Datasheet for Additional Specifications
  • * Can be custom modified up to 500 mA output; inquire for details
TEC Controller Specifications
  • TEC current: ± 1.0 A / 1.5 A
  • TEC voltage: > 8.0 V
  • Max Output Power: 12 W
  • Input Sensor: Thermistor 10kΩ or 100kΩ at 25ºC
  • Control Loop: Internal PI Control or External Direct TEC Current Control
Power Input and Connectors
  • Power Input Vdd1*: +12 VDC
  • Power Input Vdd2*: +5 VDC
  • Power Input Vee*: -12 VDC
  • Laser Connectors: Azimuth 14-Pin ZIF Socket
  • Power Connector: Molex MicroFit 8 pin
  • Control Signal Connector: Molex MicroFit 12 pin
  • * Refer to Datasheet for Power Supply Options
General Specifications
  • Dimensions: 120 x 92 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Storage Temperature: -55ºC to 100ºC
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 85ºC

Product Overview:

250 mA, Constant Current Laser Diode Controller Module

The C158 combines a constant-current mode laser diode driver and linear temperature controller in one compact and easy to use circuit board OEM module. The laser current and TEC outputs are delivered to the remote-mounted laser by cable, providing full design freedom for locating critical system components. The controller can drive butterfly lasers with an internal TEC, or other lasers attached to a TEC-regulated mounting plate.

Straight-Forward Operation for Application Flexibility

Operating the C158 is simple and straight-forward. Controller parameters are set with on-board potentiometers and DIP switches, and connections are provided for external control with analog and TTL signals.

The laser diode driver operates in constant-current mode, and provides low-noise current with a low temperature coefficient of change. The laser driver has an analog bandwidth of 250 kHz; fast TTL-compatible switching is provided via an SMB connector. The current limit is user adjustable, and is hardware limited to 250 mA. The factory can set the hardware limit for custom applications; please inquire for information.

The 12 Watt linear TEC controller is regulated by a built-in PI control loop, or can be controlled using monitor output and external setpoint signals. The TEC current limit is adjustable via on-board DIP switch.

Cost Competitive, Robust, Compact

The C158 is a cost-competitive solution for OEM applications that require stable laser diode current and temperature control. Discounts are offered for large quantity purchases; inquire for details.

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