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200 Amp, 16V OEM Laser Diode Driver
- Switch-Mode Current Source
- 27 V Power Supply Input

  • High Power Switch Mode Laser Diode Driver
  • Fedal Laser Diode Driver External Control Panel
  • OEM Laser Diode Driver Module size
  • 200A Laser Diode Driver Dimensions
  • High Power Multichannel Laser Diode Control System

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sku / item#: RLS/SF-303MB-1
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Key Features
  • Switch-Mode OEM Module
  • 27 VDC Power Supply Input
  • Operating Temperature Range Option –40°C / +50°C
  • Pulsed Output Current up to 200 Amps
  • Laser Diode Voltage up to 16 Volts
  • Pulse rate 1 - 20Hz, Single Pulse
  • Pulse Duration 50 - 500 μs

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  • Pulse rate 1 - 20 Hz, Single Pulse
  • Output Voltage: 0 - 16 V
  • Output Current: 1 - 200 A
  • Pulse Duration: 50 - 500 μs
  • Rise Time: <50 μs
  • Fall Time: <25 μs
  • Average Output Power: 300 W
  • Communication Interface: RS485
  • Trigger In / Out
  • Output Sync Pulse Dwell Time: 1 - 5100 μs
  • Power Input :27 VDC
  • Type of Cooling: Air Cooling
  • Dimensions 130 х 60 х 220 mm
  • Weight <1kg
Additional Information
  • Values are Limited by Average Power: F x V x I x τ ≤ P
  • RS485 Communication Control Interface
  • Data Display Software for the PC
  • External Control Panel Optional, CU750

Product Overview:

High Power CW/QCW Laser Diode Driver Overview

This high current CW / QCW laser diode driver is designed to drive erbium lasers for pumping high-power solid-state or fiber lasers. Designed and optimized to use in laboratory, educational, experimental, and industrial applications, the driver has current limit, duty cycle limit, and safety interlocks to help protect the laser diodes and the user.

The controller comes standard with an RS485 interface and software for control via PC computer. The optional CU750 control unit can be used instead of a computer, and provides control of 1 or 2 Fedal laser diode drivers.

Powerful Options Increase Functionality and Versatility

Multiple high power CW/QCW laser diode drivers can be assembled to build a Multichannel Electrical Power Supply System (MEPSS). The MEPSS can operate as many as 20 laser diode drivers, and is designed for applications such as research into inertial confinement fusion, laser-matter interactions, laser diode array testing, and other cases where multiple high power lasers are controlled simultaneously.

The laser diode driver can be factory-equipped with a high power temperature controller for laser temperature stabilization; inquire for details and options.

Additionally, the flexible internal architecture allows for factory customization to suit customer requirements for a specific load. Optionally, the driver can be equipped to operate in a temperature range of –40°C / +50°C, or modified to operate in IP66 conditions.

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