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High Power TEC Controller Integrated Circuit; 420 Watts of Output Power
- PWM Output for Maximum Efficiency
- Smart Auto-PID Tuning
- Low Thermistor Injection Current

  • 15 PWM TEC Controller
  • 420W TEC Controller Output
  • High Power TEC Controller, OEM

sku / item#: RLS/TEC28V15AD
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Key Features
  • 420W Board-Level TEC Controller
  • Built-in Smart Auto PID Control
  • ±0.001ºC Temperature Stability
  • Programmable TEC Current- and Voltage Limits
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PRICE $272.00
Electrical Specifications
  • Max Output Voltage: 28 V
  • Max Output Current: 15 A
Operational Specifications
  • Temp. Stability: < ±0.001ºC
  • PWM Frequency: 600 kHz
  • Operating Case Temperature: -40°C – 110°C
Mechanical Specifications
  • Dimensions: 35.96 mm × 35.96 mm × 11.3 mm
  • Pin Length: 3.1 mm
  • Package Style: DIP (SMT also Available)
  • 100% Lead (Pb)-Free and RoHS Compliant
  • Refer to Datasheet for Complete Specifications

Product Overview:

High Voltage High Current TEC Controller

The TEC28V15A is a compact, low profile, and fully EMI-shielded controller designed for driving TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers) with high electrical and mechanical reliability. Temperature stability of better than ±0.001°C can be achieved.

Maximum Versatility for Real-World Environments

The controller utilizes a PWM-driven H-Bridge for maximum electrical efficiency and bidirectional control agility. Another advanced feature of this TEC controller is that it comes with a smart auto PID control micro-processor, it continuously senses and compensates for the thermal load automatically.

The TEC current and voltage limits can are independently set and differentially configurable to provide maximum protection to the TEC and the target load.

A three Standby and Shut Down Control pin is used to set the controller to one of three operating states: Shut-Down, Standy-By (controller operating but output stage is disabled), and Operation (controller operating and output stage enabled). This feature provides an additional layer of device safety for the system designer.

The default model is a DIP with through-hole pins. An SMT model is available, inquire for information.

High Efficiently Flexibility

The TEC28V15A is driven by a single-polarity power supply voltage ranging from 5V to 28V. This power supply flexibility allows the designer to optimize the control system for the intended load, and electrical efficiency up 92% can be achieved. The highest output voltage magnitude is limited by the maximum power supply voltage, and the maximum output current magnitude is 15A.

Evaluation Board Option

An evaluation board is available to speed R&D and prototype development activities. Inquire for a quotation for part number ATLS218EV1.0.

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