Wavelength Electronics 500mA Laser Diode Driver & Thermal Controller

sku / item#: LDTC0520
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Key Features
  • Low Noise 500mA Laser Diode Current Source
  • User Adjustable Limits
  • Slow-Start Protection
  • Small Dimensions 2.35 x 2.9 x 1.075 inches

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PRICE $434.00
  • Laser Diode Driver Output Current: 0 - 500 mA
  • Noise & Ripple: < 3 µA RMS noise at full scale
  • 24 Hour Current Stability @ 25°C: 50-75 ppm
  • Input Power Supply Range: +3 to +12 VDC
  • Soft Start Delay: 100 msec.
  • Soft Start Ramp: 15 mA / msec
  • Rise / Fall times: 300 nsec (to full scale)
  • TTL Compatible RESET / ENABLE
  • Safety: Brownout Protection, Current Limit
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 2 Watts
  • Temperature Control Output Current: 0 to ±2.2 A
  • One Hour Temperature Stability: 0.002°C (10 kΩ thermistor at 25°C)
  • One Hour Stability across ambient: 0.005°C (10 kΩ thermistor at 25°C)
  • Safety: Temperature Limit
  • Setpoint vs. Actual Temperature Accuracy:< 2 mV
  • PI Control Loop
  • Compatible with multiple sensors (NTC Thermistors and others)
  • Maximum TEC Power Dissipation: 9 W
  • 60 x 74 x 28 mm

Product Overview:

The LDTC5020 series laser diode control modules are offered in a small package size with a current range up to 500mA. These units have an adjustable laser diode current limit and they drive up to ±2.2 A of TEC current. The current limit is set by an on-board trim pot and protects the laser from over-current situations. The current limit circuit is intended to avoid overshoot, ringing, or saturating the control elements, and recovers from limit events without phase shifts or inversions.

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