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50 Watt Laser Diode Mount & Heat Sink with Integrated Peltier Cooler for Pump Lasers

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$635.00   Ships: 5 to 7 days | Model LDM-50W

Key Features
  • Mounting Plate Footprint and Anode/Cathode Leads Pre-Configured for your Laser Diode Package
  • Standard Mounting Plates for Fiber Coupled Modules from Lumentum, IPG, Lumics, Eagleyard, II-VI & others
  • Integrated Peltier Cooler and 10 kOhm Thermistor
  • Comes with High Current Leads which Match your Laser Diode Pin Diameter
  • Thermal Resistance R (th): < 0.06 K/W

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PRICE $635.00
general Specifications
  • Maximum Heat Load (@ 25ºC room temp.): 52 Watts
  • Laser Diode Mounting Plate Area: 58 mm x 52 mm
  • Laser Diode Mounting Plate Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Laser Diode Mounting Plate Surface Flatness: < 10 µm
  • Laser Diode Package Footprint (pre-drilled holes): Customer Specified
  • Graphite Thermal Pad (included): Pre-Cut to Match Laser Diode Package Footprint
  • Temperature Uniformity (typical): < 0.5 ºC Across Mounting Plate
  • Temperature Control Range (typical): 10 ºC ~ 45 ºC
  • Thermal Resistance R (th): < 0.06 K/W
INTEGRATED PELTIER COOLER and thermistor specifications
  • Peltier / TEC Current (max): 6 Amps
  • Peltier / TEC Voltage (max): 11 Volts
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor: 10 kOhm NTC
Cooling Capacity @ 25°C Ambient (room) Temperature
  • Laser Diode Set Point @ 15°C ... Waste Heat Removal 38 Watts
  • Laser Diode Set Point @ 20°C ... Waste Heat Removal 45 Watts
  • Laser Diode Set Point @ 25°C ... Waste Heat Removal 52 Watts
  • Laser Diode Set Point @ 30°C ... Waste Heat Removal 55 Watts
  • Type: DSUB 15-pin
Fan for Waste Heat Removal (in heat sink base)
  • Fan Power Input (max): 12 VDC
  • Total Power Consumption: 0.9 Watts

Product Overview:

These Peltier / TEC cooled heat sinks provide high performance heat removal and temperature stabilization for your pump laser diode. Standard mounting plates are available for most fiber coupled package styles and custom plates are also available. The LDM-HP50 has an integrated Peltier cooler to control your laser's temperature and a fan for heat dissipation from the mounting block. These heat sink and mounting modules offer a temperature control range of +10 °C to 50 °C and can dissipate up to 52 watts of waste heat at a lab temperature of 25 °C. The surface of the mounting plate was designed with micron level surface flatness and finish tolerances. Additionally, these units ship with a graphite thermal mounting pad which can be placed under the laser to remove the possibility of dust or particulates creating gaps in the thermal contact. These features combine to provide a very low thermal resistance between the laser and the TEC controlled mounting plate. This low thermal resistance reduces the heat increase between the laser and the mounting plate.

Peltier / TE Cooled Heat Sink:
The LDM-50W is an actively cooled heat sink which utilizes a Peltier element embedded beneath the laser mounting plate as well as a fan in the base of the cooling block. The heat from the laser diode is transferred down through graphite thermal pad and through the laser mounting plate. The fan located in the base dissipates the heat from the base of the cooling block. The LDM-50W offers a low thermal impedance of < 0.06 K/W.

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