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High Power Rack Enclosure with 30 Amp Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Module

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Key Features
  • Mainframe can be Configured with Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Module(s), TEC Controller Modules and Laser Power Sensor Cable
  • 1 x channel up to 30A/27V
  • Comprehensive safety and error management, intelligent fan control
  • Highly configurable
  • Suited for laboratory, production, and test field environments

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  • Output Current: 0 -30 A, <2‰ Ripple
  • AC input range: 100..240 V /50...60 Hz
  • Data interfaces: RS485, RS232, USB, Ethernet (galvanically isolated >1kV)
  • Digital I/O lines: 3 digital inputs, 1 digital output (galvanically isolated >1kV)
  • Human machine interface: Backlit 2x40 character display, 5-way navigation switch
  • Dimensions: 19’’ rack, 1 height unit, 400 mm in depth

Product Overview:

The LTR-1200 is a highly configurable, ready-made laser diode driver system which offers the user the choice of either pulsed or CW current source modules as well as temperature control modules. It is based on the LDD and TEC family OEM modules. The LTR-1200 will integrate into a standard 19" rack or can be used as stand-alone table-top instrument.

Modular power supply, intelligent air cooling and galvaniaclly isolated communication options allow Meerstetter Engineering to compose and provide customer-specific turnkey solutions. Full configuration and control of all internal devices are available over 'MeCom' remote communcation protocol and LDD/TEC Service Software. Basic parameter control and systems status information are available over the LTR-1200's front panel display and 5-way navigation switch, allowing for autonomous stand-alone operation.

The combination of built-in devices (models, number) is freely selectable by the customer, their application will dictate the choice (12V or 24V) and number of internal primary DC power supplies. Meerstetter Engineering will take care of the integration and provide a fully configured turnkey solution. Up to 4 fans pull air sidewise through the rack enclosure. Their speed is managed by intelligent fan control on a dedicated PCB such that aircooling becomes effective upon prolonged use at high ratings. For table-top operation, the rack mounting brackets can be removed. The current status of the rack enclosure and of the built-in devices are indicated on the front side display (2x40 characters) and by dual color LEDs. The most important settings (parameters of the built-in devices and of the front side data interfaces) can be adjusted over the 5-way navigation switch. For advanced operation and configuration, all internal devices can be addressed over one of the electrically isolated interfaces; therefore the originally supplied TEC and/or LDD Service Software’s can be used. For continuous monitoring and control by customers' systems, the serial communication protocol 'MeCom' can be used: on one hand, it allows direct control of the each built-in LDD and TEC device, on the other hand it allows polling further information about the overall system status. For fast signals (such as LDD pulse triggering) three digital (electrically isolated) input lines are available. Also, one digital output is available (e.g. for error indication). The integration of third party hardware (such as fiber-coupled diode lasers) is possible if dimensional requirements are met.

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